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Builder: Building and construction Joomla 4 template

Say hello! to Builder, a Joomla template curated for the building and construction, architecture and interior design industry. The template features clean, minimalist design tailored to make your content stand out. It features the highly customizable Gantry 5 framework.

In this article, we shall look into the main landing page of this template. So, you have finally downloaded your theme files from Template Monster and are ready to go, but is feeling a little lost. Well, this brief documentation is for you.

Theme Installation

Before installing the theme, install the Gantry 5 plugin provided, activate it. Install the rest of the plugins, components, modules and packages provided as well. These are required in order to achieve the same look and layout as the demo site. All of these extensions are available free of charge from their respective developer websites, so you do not have to pay for premiums.

We shall be skipping the section to install quickstart package since that is already covered in the documentation.


  • Styling and features
  • Performance and optimization
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Layouts
  • Styles
  • Page settings
  • Assignments
  • Extensions used
  • Custom CSS Classes

Styling and Features

Outlines various styles used in the demo theme. They are divided into presets, which define various aspects like background colour, text colour, font family and other styling attributes.

The theme landing page uses preset1. You can refer to the demo quickstart provided for the colour schemes used for each and every section of the landing page. You can also use any other preset available in the list. To use a particular preset, click on, scroll down to change any element of the styling and save your selection. The new styling preset will be applied to this particular layout.

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