Joomla Migration and Upgrade Services

Are you looking for Joomla website upgrade and update services? We are here for just that. We will assist you upgrade your Joomla 1.5x, 2.5x and 3x to the latest version of 4x swiftly.

Over the past 10 years that we have been in service, we have upgraded over 150 Joomla websites to their respective latest versions. This process involves migration of content, components, modules, plugins and the template to their latest versions. This process ensures that you do not lose any date along the way.

This service starts at US$200.

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What we require from you

  • FTP access
  • PHPMyadmin access
  • Premium theme and extensions files for the current website
  • Super User access to your Joomla backend
  • Any special request for tweaks and modifications

Joomla Upgrade Steps

1. Requirements Check

We shall perform a comprehensive system analysis and checking to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for deploying the latest version of Joomla. This ensures that the minimum threshold is met. We will actively work with your current hosting provider to accomplish this.

2. Website Data Backup

After confirming that all the minimum requirements are met, we will create a back up of your website including all the relevant files and databases.

3. Reviewing of Extensions

We will review each extension to remove those whose development may have been discontinued. In case we find that which has been discontinued, we will get an equivalent replacement.

4. Content and Extensions Migration

We will commence the migration of all content, modules, components, plugins and templates commences.

5. Testing of the newly migrated website

We will then conduct extensive testing of the website to ensure that nothing has been broken during the migration process.

6. Finalizing and Deployment

After we confirm that every bit of code is working as expected without any bugs and glitches, we will then deploy the website and make it available online.

What next?

Proceed to get in touch with us and we shall get started on your website migration process.