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Hire our expert developers to create a new website, online store, or make custom changes, theme installation, module configuration, theme upgrade and bug fixes on your existing store/website.

We solve tough challenges by producing
high quality user experiences

Our user-centric and data-driven approach allows us to create consistent experiences across all medium and deliver great products with functional digital experiences.

Our approach to web design and development

Nexus Nova Technologies is a contemporary Website design and development company with a focus on user-centered design while helping our clients achieve the desired result. Our strategy for achieving the desired result can be broken into four parts:

1. Website Design and Development

First, we’ll develop your website by conducting research into your industry and target market with the aim of understanding what works and determining how it can be applied in meeting your needs. We then develop the website based on your requirements, our understanding of the industry, and our evaluation of the target customer’s modus operandi.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Upon successful design and development of the website, we’ll move to the next stage which involves promoting the website by employing search engine optimization tactics, with a large focus on content marketing, considering Google’s “status quo.”

3. Results Management

With the attainment of Google’s first page on popular keywords relevant to your products or services and exponential growth in traffic, we’ll then move on to the third stage which involves measuring the website’s performance by using Google Analytics, heat maps, and other efficient website monitoring tools. We generally measure bounce rates, website traffic, website visitors’ geographical location, and most importantly, conversion rate.

4. Fine-tuning

Upon results measurements, we’ll then fine-tune the website in order to improve results. We determine what to fine-tune by analyzing data obtained from the previous stage. Fine-tuning can range from changing the order of the website’s menu items to changing font sizes.

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Site audit

Analysis of an existing site before redesign

  • Analysis of the existing site in terms of technical and stylistic parameters.
  • Assessment of commercial attractiveness in comparison with competitors.
  • Assessment of the cost and timing of the site redesign.


Single page website

A small one-page site that prompts the user to take action: order a product or service, call the manager, leave a request, or something else. This page contains a contact form.


Multipage website

A website with a more complex structure. It contains detailed information about the company, goods/services, a search function, photo/video material, certificates, reviews, a blog or contacts, etc. Such a site is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that not only make sales, but also themselves want to build a reputation online and look for investors and partners.


Multipage online shop website.

A site that contains a catalog of products, their detailed description, photos and prices, a shopping cart, an online payment system and notifications to the seller and buyer about the order. An online store is suitable for those who offer a wide range of goods or services and want to increase their sales by going online.


Website maintenance, updates & making additional adjustments.

  • Technical support after the site is put into operation
  • Additional adjustments that go beyond those discussed at the beginning of the project
  • Additional content
  • Minor improvements to the existing site.
  • Website updates
  • Website backup


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